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The purpose of writing this book was to advise truckers and anyone thinking about truck driving jobs or truck driving schools. It will alert you to the "doís and doníts" within the trucking industry. You will be able to see the RED FLAGS as they arise. BE AWARE OF THE SYSTEM AND HOW IT WORKS AND YOU WILL HAVE THE TOOLS TO SUCCEED. Truck driving jobs are out there....KNOW WHICH ONES TO CHOOSE. There are plenty of Truck Driving Schools....KNOW HOW AND WHICH ONES TO CHOOSE!

Here are a few of the replies we have received from our customers:

"Allen, just wanted to say "THANKS" for this has long been needed. I've been driving OTR for six years and was looking for another alternative, and your information led me in the right direction. I enjoyed listening to your audio CD's while I drove. I checked with one of the companies you listed and will start work there in 2 weeks, making more $$$ than I have in OTR! Thanks, Allen....

Marty H.

Indy, IN

"Thank You Allen and Donna, I just read your whole book and you saved me from making a huge mistake. I am an inexperienced driver and I was about to sign on with either XXXXXXXX or XXXXXX. I wonít be doing that any time soon. I sensed that everything wasnít as rosy as they made it out to be. Your book was the best $$$ I ever spent. VERY TOUGH TO MAKE A DECENT LIVING IN THE USA NOWADAYS. EVERYTHING IS A SCAM. Thanks again."

Richmond Heights, OH

Mr. Smith, thank you for writing this eBook. There is always two sides to a story, and until now, nobody was telling the "other" side. Your information is a God-Send!

Randy J.
El Paso, TX



"Dear Allen, Thanks so much for the book! I was this close to signing up here at the local XXXXXXXX School here in San Antonio. Thank you thank you! Thanks!"

Todd J.
San Antonio Texas

"Dear Allen: I want to thank you for the "GREAT" product that I received from your company!! Thanks,"


"Dear Allen and Donna: My grandson was getting ready to sign up to attend a trucking school. He told me that it would just take three weeks and he would then be up and running as a completely licensed truck driver with the opportunity of making a very good living. Of course I was skeptical and since I didnít know anything about the trucking industry, I decided to do some research on the internet. When I found your website and read about your e-book, I decided to order it for him. Your book opened his eyes to the trucker school scams. He realized it would have been a huge loss of money and a bitter disappointment. If he still wants to be a truck driver, your book will guide him in the right direction. I would also like to point out the excellent customer service provided by Donna for writing me back so quickly when I had questions. Thank to both of you, this was an excellent and valuable experience"!

Linda T.

"I just wanted to thank you for the very informative and eye opening reading about the trucking industry. Your book gave me a great insight on whatís right and wrong with a career in trucking. Iíve done as much research as I can and youíve provided the icing on the cake. Thank you,"

Chuck S.
Newport News, VA

"Allen & Donna, The e-Book contains much useful information and validates my own short-lived experiences with OTR Carrier with CDL Training. Many thanks for this very useful reference. I consider it a must read! I only wish that I had found it about a month ago before I spent 5 days at an OTR training site. It would have saved me some valuable time. Iím now in the GO LOCAL phase of investigating a career change into the Trucking World. I new loyal "believer"

Jim L.
Lititz, PA

"Mr. Smith, I bought your book for my son who want to get into trucking. It made a real impression and we both thank you for the heads up. He has his C D L book from the State License Bureau and will begin to study. Do you recommend any of the study courses that are available on line? Thanks so much for your help,"

Robert N.

"Thank you Allen, you have been a big help and thank you for writing the ebook."

Chris J.
Louisville, KY

"Hi Allen, The book was very informative, thank you. I was considering going into the trucking industry and I believe you have saved my family and I from a trucking scam disaster. Hope to hear from you soon."

Michael L.

"Thank you for your timely response. I am 64 and grew up around freight handling (trucking, shipping, railroad). Perhaps for nostalgic or sentimental reasons Iíve always wanted to drive a truck for at least a year just to have the experience of being on the road. I grew up in a world where companies and employees were more committed and honest with each other. In todayís relationship between employer and employee there doesnít seem to be much of a priority (despite the rhetoric) on honesty, loyalty, or truth. I, therefore, so greatly appreciate people like yourselves who are willing to expose the REALITY of an occupation, not the spin put on by those who would benefit by painting an untrue picture.
Thanks Again,"

Robert C.
Sun City, CA

"Allen, Just wanted to thank you for your book. You have opened my eyes to a lot of things about trucking and possibly saved me lots of hardship & $$$$$. I am still very interested but am taking your advise.
Thankx again,"

Angelo & Karen
Fort Myers, FL

"Thanks Allen and Donna, for your honest insights. A very valuable tool for someone like myself looking to make a career change. Iím very glad I came across your site.
Thanks again,"

Mark L.
Littleton, CO

"Dear Allen, Thank you for the huge insight into OTR driving. It opened my eyes to the little dirty insider tricks that I never would have thought of. Everyone who is considering going into trucking should read this info before doing anything. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

Dave F.
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

"Itís about time someone has written a book like this. Iíve been doing this over 20 years and Iíve experienced most of what you were talking about. I was surprised to find out though that the trucking companies........ Thanks"

Nick D.
Tampa, Florida

"Thank you for the e-book attachment. I read the e-book and appreciate the abrasive honesty about the business. The same leasing programs you advised about in the trucking industry is what I saw existing...Thanks again and Iíll let you folks know of any success story that may follow."

Chris C.
Chiloquin, OR

"Ordered the CD last week and received it in 5 days! WOW! Book is great.......I am now prepared to make more intelligent decisions. I know which type of truck driver training to choose and have called the----------facility RIGHT HERE LOCALLY."

Roy B.
Houston, TX

"Dear Allen, Thank you Thank You Thank you. Your book was completely enlightening. After reading "The Truth About Trucking" I was able to evaluate my decision more thoroughly. I am so glad I discovered your e-book on the internet.....I hope others discover it before it's too late for them! It's a good thing you've done by writing this book."

Jim A.
Bridgeport, CA

No matter where you are right now within your truck driving career, you WILL benefit from reading the "Truth About Trucking" You will be able to find the right truck driving jobs FOR YOU without being sucked under by the SCAMS.

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