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Good Trucking Companies

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Good Trucking Companies

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Looking for a listing of good trucking companies? You found it!

Many of the lists you will find are by sites who are receiving monthly payments from the trucking companies listed. Not here!

Do not be deceived by the many trucking sites that offer a list of good trucking companies. The fact is, that many of these sites are being paid by the companies to be on the list! $50 per month . . . $200 per month . . . Is this the type of list you want to trust your career decisions upon?

The BEST Truck Driving Jobs - A State by State Guide is the works of a 35 year, 4 million safe miles trucking veteran and who is recognized as the leading advocate for assisting students and new drivers:

Aubrey "Allen" Smith
Author of the first and original - Truth About Trucking

The BEST Truck Driving Jobs

As host of the popular trucking online talk radio show, Truth About Trucking "LIVE" and the #1 trucking blog on the internet,, Allen is leading the way in his fight to "Raise the Standards of the Trucking Industry."

The problems in the trucking industry will never change as long as the same scams are allowed to continue. As a student or newcomer to trucking, you deserve the truth. Trucking can work as a viable career, but only if you land the right job with the right trucking company. Known for speaking the truth, Allen accepts no advertisement payments from trucking companies. Based soley on an unbiased viewpoint, he provides his list of good trucking companies, based on his years of experience.

Don't fall for the lists where the companies are paying a monthly fee to be listed.

The BEST Truck Driving Jobs - A State by State Guide ... by the most trusted name in driver advocacy.

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  • "I wish this book was around when I started out in trucking. It would have saved a lot of painful trial and error. This is not the typical type books that you find on the net which are generally just advertising for the trucking companies."
  • "Allen, I want to personally thank you for your INCREDIBLE website, TRUTHABOUTTRUCKING.COM.
    I have spent countless hours searching the internet for information on the trucking industry, etc. and NOTHING compares to your site!!! NOTHING!!" Gary G.
  • It is well researched, unbiased and loaded with links to the best companies. Anyone who wants to hook up with a quality job can save themselves a lot of time and frustration by reading this book." Barry Szczucki - 33 year driving veteran
  • "Your information saved me from a $4500 mistake. What can I say, Allen? Thank you." Amy Carson - CDL student
  • "Having read several of Allen's previous books on the trucking industry, I have no doubt his latest release will prove educational to truckers at all levels in the industry. Allen has dedicated himself to effectively educating anyone employed, or remotely interested, in the industry to be able to make wise and informed decisions regarding a career in trucking, My only question about Allen and Donna's latest production is: where do they find time to DO this?" Steve Marshall
  • "What an awesome book! Allen all I can say is Wow, this is the best book I have seen in years to help someone find a good company. The book is a real asset in todays economy. Thanks for all the time you put into writing it." Ric Marine
  • "Your insight into the OTR industry moved me from a $300 per week driving job to another carrier where I'm now getting the miles I need to provide for my family, averaging $1100 every week. Thank you sir." JJ - 15 year driving veteran
  • "Allen, Thanks for writing and making available your newest book: THE BEST TRUCK DRIVING JOBS - A STATE BY STATE GUIDE. As a prospective CDL course student, this is the kind of information I'm sure to need for years to come. For now, having a source for such info really is very comforting as I prepare for my new career. I could work in the industry for years and never garner these facts. I feel as if I have foreknowledge that is priceless. It's all the better to win one of your books as a free gift while listening to your great radio program!! Thanks - I'll put the book to good use and be back for more." Mark Phipps - "PS: And thanks for giving back to us new guys on the road!!"

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